Derek Sorensen

Algebraic Topologist | Blockchain and DeFi

Mathematically, I'm currently focused on synthetic stable homotopy theory.

Professionally, I am part of the revolution to overhaul the global financial system with blockchain, asset tokenization, and DeFi.

In technical terms, my professional work has included formal verification of Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain consensus algorithms; designing and implementing safe and live cryptocurrencies; designing the formal semantics of programming languages in the K-Framework; formal verification in the same; research and formal verification for a Pyrofex-developed proof-of-stake consensus algorithm Casanova; formally verifying network specs and Haskell algorithms in, respectively, TLA+ and Agda; and conducting and publishing original research in distributed systems, type theory, and blockchains (see Publications for links).

I am published in peer-reviewed journals of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, distributed systems, and pure mathematics.

My résumé is here.
My LinkedIn profile is here.

Erdös number: 4

I can be contacted at ds885 AT cam DOT ac DOT uk.